Honours Bachelor Degree
Mode of Delivery: Full Time
No. of Stages : 3
NFQ Level: 8
Programme Credits: 10
Department: Business

Stage Schedules

Stage 1

Module Code Module Title
ACCT H1306 Financial Accounting
ECON H1309 Economics
LAWS H1302 Business Law
MGMT H1321 Management
BUSS H1305 Quantitative Techniques
COMP H1304 Computer Applications
COMM H1321 Communications for Accountants

Stage 2

Elective Regulation
One elective must be taken.
Stage contributes to 33.3% towards award GPA
Module Code Module Title
ACCT H2308 Financial Accounting 11
ACCT H2309 Management Accounting
LAWS H2338 Corporate Governance and Commercial Law
SYST H2304 Information Systems I
FNCE H2326 Corporate Finance
MKTG H1R01 Marketing
TAXS H2301 Taxation

Stage 3

Elective Regulation
Stage contributes 66.7% towards Award GPA.
Overall Programme AwardWeightings is based on the average results achieved in Years 2 & 3 as follows
Yr, 2 - 33.33% of Overall result
Yr. 3 = 66.7 % of Overall Result.
All modules are mandatory
Module Code Module Title
ACCT H3301 Advanced Management Accounting
MGMT H3308 Advanced Corporate Finance
FNCE H3307 Financial Reporting
MGMT H4303 Strategic Management
BUSS H2320 Audit and Assurance
TAXS H3302 Taxation II