Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness

Honours Bachelor Degree
Mode of Delivery: Full Time
No. of Stages : 4
NFQ Level: 8
Programme Credits: 240
Language of Instruction: English
Department: Wexford

Stage Schedules

Stage 1

Module Code Module Title
MATH H1720 Basic Mathematics
FARM H1706 ICT and Agriculture 1
SKLS H1703 Academic and Personal Skills Development
FARM H1703 Animal and Plant Biology
FARM H2701 Physical and Chemical Science in Agriculture
FARM H1717 Introduction to Crop Production
FARM H1718 Introduction to animal production
FARM H1705 AgriBusiness Management

Stage 2

Module Code Module Title
ECON H2712 Agricultural Economics 1
NUTR H2702 Animal Nutrition
MKTG H2718 Agricultural Marketing 1
FARM HH2705 ICT and Agriculture 2
AGRI H2703 Soil science 1
FARM H2716 Crop production and weed science
FARM H2704 Genetics and Breeding
ACCT H2718 Farm Financial Accounting
LAWS H2723 Farm Mechanisation and Regulations
AGRI H2704 Agricultural Sustainability 1

Stage 3

Module Code Module Title
ECON H3710 Agricultural Economics 2
WKPL H3710 Professional Work Placement
FARM H1701 Farm Buildings and Regulations
RECH H3717 Research Skills
LAWS H3723 Farm Business Law
MKTG H3719 Agricultural Marketing 2
AGRI H3704 Agricultural Sustainability 2
QUAL H3702 Animal product quality
AGRI H3703 Soil Science 2

Stage 4

Module Code Module Title
FARM H4704 Rural Entrepreneurship
FARM H4703 Environmentally Sustainable Farm Management
FARM H4705 Agribusiness Strategy
PROJ H4709 Dissertation
FARM H4701 Advanced Crop Production
FARM H4702 Integrated Farm Management