Bachelor of Science in Analytical Science

Ordinary Bachelor Degree
Mode of Delivery: Full Time
No. of Stages : 3
NFQ Level: 7
Programme Credits: 180
Language of Instruction: English
Department: Science and Health

Stage Schedules

Stage 1

Module Code Module Title
ZBIO H1101 Fundamental Biology
ZCHE H1101 Chemistry
ZPHY H1101 Physics
ZLAB H1101 Laboratory Science
ZMTS H1101 Quantitative Methods
ZSCI H1101 Current Concepts in Science

Stage 2

Module Code Module Title
ZINS H2101 Instrumentation
ZMTS H2101 Quantitative Methods & Quality Control
ZCHE H2102 Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry
ZCHE H2103 Organic and Physical Chemistry
ZSCI H2102 Environmental Science

Stage 3

Module Code Module Title
ZANA H3102 Quality Management, Experimental Design and Data Analysis
ZMTS H3101 Spectrochemical Methods
ZSCI H3101 Sampling & Separation Science
ZANA H3103 Analytic Project and Workplace Planning
ZENV H3101 Environmental Monitoring
ZCHE H3102 Physical chemistry
ZANA H3104 Food Analysis