Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport and Exercise Science

Honours Bachelor Degree
Mode of Delivery: Full Time
No. of Stages : 4
NFQ Level: 8
Programme Credits: 240
Language of Instruction: English
Department: Science and Health
Programme Extra Information: Final Award Weighting: Year 3 contributes 30%, Year 4 contributes 70%.

Stage Schedules

Stage 1

Module Code Module Title
ZSCI H1102 Anatomy 1
ZPHI H1101 Physiology
ZPHI H1102 Exercise & Fitness Instruction 1
ZPHI H1103 Physical Sciences
ZBIO H1102 Cell Biology
ZPHI H1104 Exercise Physiology 1
ZRCH H1101 Research Methods 1

Stage 2

Module Code Module Title
ZPHI H2101 Exercise & Fitness Instruction 2 (Speed & Plyometrics)
ZPHI H2108 Strength & Conditioning (Resistance & Olympic Lifts)
ZPHI H2103 Exercise Physiology 2
ZRCH H2101 Research Methods 2
ZPHI H2105 Pathophysiology
ZSCI H2103 Anatomy 2
ZPHI H2106 Motor Control / Biomechanics
ZCHE H2104 Nutritional Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Dietetics

Stage 3

Module Code Module Title
PHIO H3156 Special Populations
ZPHI H3103 Sport & Exercise Biomechanics
ZPHI H3101 Sports Nutrition
PHIO H3135 Performance Analysis
PHIO H3157 Adapted Physical Activity
ZWKP H3101 Work Placement

Stage 4

Module Code Module Title
ZPHI H4102 Exercise Physiology 3
ZMGT H4102 Sports Management
ZPSY H4101 Sports Psychology
ZRCH H4101 Research Methods 3
PHIO H4125 Human Performance and Athletic Assessment
PHIO H4126 Current Concepts in Sport Science
ZPRO H4102 Research Project & Dissertation