Module Title:Communications, Research and Study Skills
Language of Instruction:English
Credits: 5
NFQ Level:6
Module Delivered In 3 programme(s)
Teaching & Learning Strategies: Lectures - communicating knowledge and ideas from lecturer to student - Class discussions and debates - Students will be actively encouraged to participate in class sessions online and face to face and in groups where possible, which will develop their critical thinking and communication skills. Students will take part in safe, inclusive peer learning, moderated by lecturer. Tutorials - Students will take part in practicals, workshops, and authentic learning opportunities, Self directed independent learning to develop autonomy. E- Learning. This module is supported with on line learning materials to assist independent learning
Module Aim: The aim of this module is to prepare social care students for study at higher level while also developing introductory research, communication, collaboration and teamwork skills necessary for social care practice.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to:
LO1 Demonstrate academic integrity, effective academic writing and referencing skills (D2: P6, P7)
LO2 Gather, analyse and evaluate research evidence and understand the research process and principles of evidence based practice (D2:P5, P6, P7 P 9, D5: P5)
LO3 Demonstrate the use of communication technology and the application of digital literacy skills in a presentation to an audience of peers (D2: P7, P13)
LO4 Reflect on the importance of communication, collaboration and team work in social care practice (D1:P18, D2: P7, P11, P13, P15, P16, D4:P3, D:5 P13; P19)
Pre-requisite learning
Module Recommendations

This is prior learning (or a practical skill) that is recommended before enrolment in this module.

9702 RECH C1402 Communications, Research and Study Skills
Incompatible Modules
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Co-requisite Modules
No Co-requisite modules listed
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Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
Introduction to writing and study skills
Principles of academic integrity, academic writing, process, different styles, sourcing evidence and secondary research for academic purposes, search engines, study skills, using citations and referencing, developing a clear and objective approach to writing (D1. P7, P18, D2:P5, P6, P7, P9)
Introduction to research
Definition, process and overview of approaches and methods, ethics in research, evaluating competing theories, evaluating research evidence, introduction to evidence-informed practice (D1: P7, P18, P6, P7,D4: P5 D5: P17, P18)
Communication skills
Characteristics of good communication, verbal and non verbal communication, barriers to effective communication, speaking in public and presentations, using powerpoint and other technologies, principles of effective group/team work, facilitation and conflict management techniques. Digital skills for Higher Education and social care practice. Introduction to digital literacy skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, online safety skills, digital culture, collaboration and creativity, online privacy and online rights, identity and well being, ethics and responsibility, social media and professional boundaries, intercultural awareness in social care (D1. P7, P18, D2: P2, P5, P6, P7, P9, P11, P13, P15, P16, D4: P1, P3, D5: P13, P19)
Introduction to reflective writing
Introduction to reflective writing, purpose of reflection, reflective cycles and use of models, integrating new learning into future practice (D1: P7, P18, D2: P7, P8, D2: P2, P6, P7, P11, P13, P15, P16, D4: P3, D5: P13, P19)
Assessment Breakdown%
Continuous Assessment100.00%
Continuous Assessment
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Practical/Skills Evaluation This is an independent self guided Epigeum E-learning study skills and academic integrity unit available to students through TLC student hub. D2:P6, P7 1 10.00 Week 3
Written Report Evaluate a recent research journal article on a topic related to Irish social care theory and practice D2: P6, P7 D5: P5 1,2 30.00 Week 6
Project Groupwork, presentation and individual reflection D1: P7, P18 D2: P6, P7, P11, P13, P15, P16 D4: P3, D5: P19 3,4 60.00 Sem 1 End
No Project
No Practical
No End of Module Formal Examination

SETU Carlow Campus reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload

Workload: Full Time
Workload Type Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Lecture 12 Weeks per Stage 1.00
Tutorial 12 Weeks per Stage 1.00
Assignment 15 Weeks per Stage 3.33
Independent Learning 15 Weeks per Stage 3.40
Total Hours 125.00

Module Delivered In

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
CW_HHPSC_B Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Professional Social Care Practice 1 Mandatory
CW_HHSST_D Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Studies 1 Mandatory
CW_HHPSC_D Bachelor of Arts in Professional Social Care Practice 1 Mandatory