WKPL C3313 - Work Placement

Module Title:Work Placement
Language of Instruction:English
Credits: 30
NFQ Level:7
Module Delivered In 5 programme(s)
Teaching & Learning Strategies: Learners will be supported in their learning through pre-placement workshops & tutorials, a designated work-based mentor, and designated Faculty Placement Co-Ordinator. The core teaching & learning strategy employed on this module is experiential learning with a focus on reflective practice.
Module Aim: The aim of this module is to enable learners to gain knowledge and skills in a discipline related activity, not otherwise afforded by the programme, and to allow learners integrate and apply their knowledge & skills in a work-based setting. Learners will be facilitated to engage in a work-based experience in Ireland or abroad, under the direct supervision of a work-based mentor. Placements abroad may be funded under ERASMUS+ programme, operated through IT Carlow International Office.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module the learner should be able to:
LO1 Develop a career plan, documentation & interview skills for the successful completion of the job application process.
LO2 Evaluate & reflect upon the application and development in the work environment, of the knowledge, skills & competencies acquired during the programme of study.
LO3 Evaluate and reflect upon the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired in the work place, and similarly any deficits in same, which have been exposed by the experience.
LO4 Operate effectively, either independently or as part of a team, under the close direction and supervision of an approved work-based mentor.
LO5 Demonstrate the application and development of interpersonal and self-management transferrable skills, such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, required to integrate within the social and professional structure of the work environment.
LO6 Describe & evaluate the structures & operational practices of the host organisation as they relate to their field of study.
Pre-requisite learning
Module Recommendations

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Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
Semester 1 - Preparation for work placement
Preparation for work placement will take place in Y3 Semester 1. Learners will engage with workshops and tutorials in support of their acquiring a suitable work placement for Semester 2. The focus of these workshops & tutorials will be (but not exclusively): identification of career opportunities and development of a career plan; development of job application skills and documentation; discussion of the logistics of the placement process, health & safety, personal security, student code of discipline/student code of conduct, communication & oversight protocol & final schedule, personal documentation, learning agreement check, work placement guidelines / handbook, assessment criteria & rubrics, guidance on reflective writing and maintaining their reflective journal, guidance on the oral presentation / interview process.
Semester 2 - Work Placement
The Work Placement experience will enable learners to engage a work placement or an EU funded ERASMUS+ Traineeship with an organisation engaged in Sport/ Business of Sport/ general business or business-specific (HR, Supply Chain, International business, etc.) activities; in Ireland or in one of the EU ratified partner countries for ERASMUS+. The placement is weighted at 30 ECTS and will last 12 weeks (420 hours). It is scheduled to commence in Semester 2 of Stage 3 of the programme however, it may begin or extend or take place at another time with negotiation, but must be completed before commencement of Semester 1 of Stage 4. The learner will be supported by the Programme Board placement co-ordinator/s, Careers Office and International Office (where relevant). Placement will involve a minimum of one on-site visit if located in the island of Ireland, or on-line progress interviews if located outside the island of Ireland.
Assessment Breakdown%
Continuous Assessment100.00%
Continuous Assessment
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Portfolio Portfolio / ePortfolio of job application documentation and preparations in securing a work placement. This assessment takes place in the semester before placement begins while the learner is preparing for their placement. 1 10.00 Sem 1 End
Performance Evaluation Employer & placement co-ordinator / supervisor performance review & feedback report: reporting punctuality, presentation, engagement, mannerism, sociability, capability, contribution, diligence & employability; plus a Q&A feedback in conjunction with placement visits/interviews will guide this faculty staff report, and apportion credit. 4,5 10.00 Sem 2 End
Reflective Journal Ongoing Reflective Journal & Report: Learners will maintain a reflective journal throughout their placement, addressing MLOs 2-6 including (but not exclusively) description of placement and operational context, appraisal of operational processes & procedures; document onsite task planning and response strategies, task process & outcomes, record key contribution/s, problem area engagement & resolution strategies employed, catalogue personal contacts, roles & interactions, state areas where attitudes and behaviours have been challenged and modified as a result of workplace tasks & interactions and provide rationale. 2,3,4,5,6 40.00 Sem 2 End
Oral Examination/Interview Each learner will engage in an oral presentation / interview of their work placement experience with a minimum of two placement supervisors / co-ordinators. The assessment will use the written reports as the basis of the presentation and focus on: evaluate placement planning process, quality of the work setting, quality of the work experience, work activities & outcomes, reflect practice on personal engagement, performance, interactions & key contributions, key learning and future learning development needs as a result of the experience. 1,2,3,4,5,6 40.00 Sem 2 End
No Project
No Practical
No End of Module Formal Examination

SETU Carlow Campus reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Module Workload

Workload: Full Time
Workload Type Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Tutorial Every Week 1.00
Placement Every Week 35.00
Lecturer Supervised Learning Every Week 0.12
Independent Learning Every Week 2.00
Total Hours 38.12
Workload: Part Time
Workload Type Frequency Average Weekly Learner Workload
Tutorial Every Week 0.50
Independent Learning Time Every Week 2.50
Placement Every Week 35.00
Lecturer Supervised Learning Every Week 0.12
Total Hours 38.12

Module Delivered In

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
CW_BHCPR_D Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Media 6 Group Elective 1
CW_BBRUG_D Bachelor of Arts in Sport Coaching and Business Management (Rugby) 6 Elective
CW_BBBUS_D Bachelor of Business in Business 6 Mandatory
CW_BBINB_D Bachelor of Business in International Business incorporating Double Degree 6 Mandatory
CW_BPMKT_D Bachelor of Business in Marketing 6 Group Elective 1